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Meet Our Team
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Don't trust your health and fitness to just anyone.

Learn more about the certified personal trainers at Reflections.


1. ​​CUSTOMIZED PROGRAM - You will receive a comprehensive evaluation to ascertain your health history, fitness goals, and any medical conditions or other limitations, in order to design a customized workout program to maximize your results.


2. MOTIVATION - We know how to motivate you even on days when you feel discouraged so that you gain the full benefit of your workout and can push past any self-imposed challenges.


3. PROPER FORM AND EXPERT INSTRUCTION - Head neutral, back flat, core tight, shoulders retracted – these are some of the instructions you will hear from our personal trainers. Proper technique and execution will increase the efficiency of your workout and reduce your risk of injury. 


4. EDUCATION - We will provide you with the resources, guidance and knowledge you need so that you can maintain your healthy lifestyle during your fitness journey and for the long-term. 


5. ACCOUNTABILITY - We will keep you accountable and on track so that you can focus on your health and fitness goals and see positive results. 

Personal Trainer



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Contact us to book your FREE consultation which includes a comprehensive fitness evaluation!


This evaluation is used to determine your physical strengths, health history and goals. The information is then used to create your training program. Progress reviews and body measurements will be taken as needed and used to modify your program as you advance in your training.

In order to ensure your success, we tailor meal plans to your training program and specific goals. Proper nutrition is essential to achieving weight loss and in giving you the energy required to excel in your workouts. 

What We Offer


"When I met Mark I had never seen the inside of a gym. I was at my all-time heaviest and had made some significant life changes. I knew I had to make some lifestyle changes. I had a goal to be fabulous at 50 and my daughter's wedding was my target. With Mark's help I achieved more than I had hoped for. Going from a size 18 down to an 8 and lost well over 50 pounds. Working with Mark gave me the confidence to face a gym and got me out of my comfort zone. I learned not to diet but seek out a healthy lifestyle. A consistent workout routine for me of strength training and cardio was balanced with good nutrition. Now my journey continues as I strive to be sensational into my 60's!" 

Helena M.

"I knew I would never be first on my list ---BUT I had to get on my list. I have no motivation to work out by myself and when I have in the past I always end up hurting myself and feeling defeated. Training with Travis has changed that! Yes I feel the burn but I'm never in pain or hurt! Travis is extremely supportive, and encourages his clients to achieve their goals - not pushy - no shouting - no humiliation just encouragement and belief! It's about his clients' needs and what they want to put in to it! Travis celebrates my successes and when I slip up, he motivates me to get back up and start again! I have come a long way, thanks to his training and guidance. To me the cost of training is worth the investment in my health! I know this for sure, I'm healthy now, and would have had lots of health issues if it wasn't for training with Travis. Even though I still have to lose more weight, his encouragement and belief in me keeps me going. This is my battle and I own it but Travis is right beside me! He believes I can do it and for this I am grateful and I believe I will. Travis is extremely knowledgeable, easy going and friendly! Training with him has made me stronger healthier and always ready to run and play with my grandchildren!"

Paula L.

Monique will make you feel comfortable with who you are as a person but she will want you to be better physically! The motivation to be healthy is remarkable! Monique is one of the kindest but stern trainers I have met. She encourages, trains and works along you. Monique and her family are the meaning of inspiration! If you want a fantastic place to workout, a place without judgement, a place where you are encouraged daily to put in the work, a place where in a very short time you will feel stronger and start believing in yourself.... then go see Monique !

Annette D.

"I have been a client of Mark's for over eight years now. I train at least three times a week with amazing results! I am so much stronger than I was and I'm often told that I look at least 20 years younger than I actually am which I credit to my fitness regime. I have sustained many injuries over the years, mainly skiing related, including a shoulder and a knee surgery, a fractured clavicle, an injured hip and lower back. Mark was extremely knowledgeable in all aspects related to my rehabilitation. He frequently changes my workout programs, and always accompanies these changes with a new meal plan - not a diet. Therefore my workouts never get repetitive and boring! I would highly recommend Mark to anyone looking to make diet and fitness lifestyle change!"​

Sheila H.

"I have trained with Travis since 2012 and have never felt stronger, more energized and have a feeling of being generally healthier. His easy-going friendly personality makes working out fun… (Unless he’s hungry) LOL. Through consistent feedback, positive encouragement and fitness programs personalized just for me, he retrained my attitude towards fitness while I retrained my body. Not only have I gained strength and confidence in the gym but in my life in general. I have lost over 25 lbs and have gained the desired muscle definition I wanted --- 47 never looked so good!"


Monique is passionate about helping her clients achieve their fitness goals. I love her attention to detail when we train together. Correct posture, timing, and safety are never compromised. She has a great sense of humor and her greatest satisfaction is the last rep before muscle failure!

Lenka E.


3-1440 Princess Street

Kingston ON K7M 3E5 

T: 613-507-UFIT (8348)



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