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Are you interested in training for a bikini, fitness or physique competition?

Bikini Competition

Bikini was created as a category with much less emphasis on muscularity. Judges looks for lean and firm physique and competitors are scored on proportion, symmetry, balance, shape and skin tone

Figure Competition

Competitors are judged solely on muscular symmetry and definition. 

Physique Competition

Competitors should display a toned, athletic physique showcasing femininity, muscle tone, and beauty/flow of physique. Competitors should have the overall aesthetics and look that is found in figure with a little more overall muscularity.


Monique has competed in many fitness competitions from Regional to Provincial, National and Worlds Amateur, where she has placed 1st on numerous occasions. Her most recent accomplishment is placing 8th in the Arnold Classic 2018 Figure Championships and 2nd Mixed Pairs in the National Championship with her husband.

Monique will train you to push yourself past your limitations to achieve the physique necessary to transform your body for competition. She offers customized meal plans for each division and for based on your fitness level and goals as well as a complete workout regime.

Monique's achievements are below: 

  • Arnold Classic World Amateur Championships March 2018 - 8th Place Figure

  • National Canadian Champion July 2016 - 2nd Place Mixed Pairs  

  • Provincial Championships June 2016 - 3rd Place Mixed Pairs 

  • Sudbury Classic Championships May 2016 - 1st Place Women’s Physique Masters (35+) and 1st Place Mixed Pairs

  • Gala Championships November 2015 - 3rd Place Women’s Physique Open (18 yrs+) 

  • Mo-Muscle Guelph Championships June 2015 - 1st Place Masters (35 yrs+) 

  • Provincial Championships June 2015 - 6th Place Master Figures (35 yrs+) 

  • London Championships November 2014 - 1st Place Master Figure (35 yrs+) and 1st Place Figure Open (18-34 yrs)

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