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Haven't heard of Kangoo Jumps? This exercise uses specially made rebound boots to give you the feeling of jumping on a trampoline. It is a plyometric exercise which is beneficial for building strength and muscle tone as well as lose weight since you burn more calories jumping, all while having fun! You can even use the Kangoo Jumps boots for rehabilitation. 

The spring system in the Kangoo Jumps boots compresses to absorb the impact of the exercise reducing the stress on joints by 80%. It almost feels like walking on air! Kangoo Jumps boots are designed for all ages and fitness levels and are safe to use. They are very stable because the sole of the boots is flat. It generally takes 15 minutes to get used to them. 

Runners have been using Kangoo Jumps boots because of all of the benefits it provides while reducing the stress on their joints. The boots are made to use outdoors or indoors. If you are a runner with knee pain, give this exercise a try.

Sounds interesting, does it not? Don't wait, contact Monique at our studio to join in on one of the Kangoo Jumps sessions and experience this fun and effective workout!

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